Work with the BEST

For 50 years, Sonny Glasbrenner Inc. has been demolishing Hotels, Commercial Buildings, Retail Spaces, Residential Homes and many other structures in the greater Tampa Bay area. SGI moved over 245,000 tons of debris in 2009 alone!

Much of the material collected during the demolition process is brought back to our yard where the concrete and asphalt are crushed and recycled for use in new construction projects. Aways ahead of the curve, founder Sonny Glasbrenner was among the first in Tampa Bay area to own an asphalt and concrete crushing machine in 1989. 

We use a recycling system, run by Greenway Recycling Inc., that sorts drywall, plastics, metals, wood products, etc. – diverting about 80% of the materials produced during demolition from being deposited in landfills. 

SGI takes pride in being on the cutting edge of eliminating waste and moving toward a greener planet.

Top Experience

With 50 years of experience in the demolition industry, SGI has an advantage in the services we offer, and the competitive estimates we can provide. 

SGI offers a complete range of demolition services - from implosion and complete removal - to selective demolition within an existing structure.  By owning all of our track-hoes, loaders, trucks, trailers, and small equipment, SGI is not limited by project size or the number of projects we can handle at one time. 

In addition to our equipment, SGI is capable of providing you with dumpsters to haul off your construction debris.